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Online training and Coaching

Online Coaching:

Hire DCL Multisport Fitness as your coach to give you the power to focus your time and attention toward achieving maximal physiological results. Training and competition are worthless if goals are not made and results not achieved in a timely manner. Lauria can help you identify your strengths and weaknesses as a cyclist, runner and swimmer set goals that are achievable, and then measure your progress through objective means.


Improve on average by 6% with a DCL training program. Shave 5-10 minutes off your marathon and 3-5 minutes off your 10K race time. 


Ranging from 7 to 12 weeks, these group sessions are designed and taught by professional coach. Whether you're an elite racer or you've never run a mile, you'll find a program that fits your needs and your schedule. All program are open to DCL members and non-members alike, and members enjoy reduced fees. Advance registration is required unless otherwise noted.  

DCL Program provide coached workouts, speed training, paced runs and swimming training. The 12-week sessions help you with form, muscular strength, pacing, and everything else you need to run, ride and swim farther and faster.

All of the DCL training services utilize proven principles developed from a quantitative perspective. Whether you are interested in One-on-One coaching, a Plan, or a Season Plan, our world class training philosophies, such as "critical volume" and "trailing volume" are included. Our athletes will tell you that our attention to detail is our greatest asset.

Run Plans:

DCL training protocols that have produced some of the fastest run splits in road races and triathlons nationwide. Programs can consist of a full season plan (52 weeks) or as little as 6-12 weeks to train for a particular goal race.

Triathlon Plans:

Per Plan - $125 per a 30 day period. An individualized training program will be created to address your athletic goals for a specific race or season, and fit your training volume, and planned races. This option is an ideal alternative to our One-on-One coaching, providing a structured plan and group to help stay motivated. All plans include the same proven DCL training protocols that have produced pro and champions. Programs can consist of a full season plan (52 weeks) or as little as 6-12 weeks to train for a particular goal race.


  • Set-up of training periodization for the period of your choice, that considers your goal races and other personal commitments (provided in PDF).
  • Testing using our field-test protocol to determine accurate heart rate training zones, or detailed threshold testing with a coach. 

Progress for each workout

  • DCL services, including run and swim analyses.
  • Daily workouts, issued for entire period of your plan.
  • General race execution guidelines, presented at key race breakfasts
  • described below.
  • Strength training plan, with specific gym exercises and descriptions, where appropriate. $75 additional (free to the team) Personal race execution/pacing strategy developed by your coach and delivered in PDF format, prior to race day. This is based on your training performance indicators as produced by your Plan and uses a combination of power (if available), pace and heart rate data. It will also include recommendation on swim starting location for your ability and race venue.


  • Core Diet race fueling plans!
  • Core Diet nutrition plans with our registered nutritionist. Weight loss is a great way to prevent injuries, improve health, and improve performance….
    DCL recommends one to see the full benefit of your Mission!!


  • A DCL coach will be dedicated to answer questions via the forum, as needed (4 hour turnaround in most cases).
  • Periodic web-based presentations/conference calls. These explain various training and nutrition concepts used within DCL, and give athletes the chance to ask questions (these will be recorded).
  • Get access to the exclusive weekly DCL client office hours chat with Coach David C. Lauria.
  • Note, with DCL Plans, all contact with your coach is made via the forum or webCam. One-on-One phone calls can be scheduled with a coach.

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85016(602) 977-2700

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