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Strength and Conditioning Program

Pro athletes in sports ranging from baseball, basketball, football,

water polo, triathlete to soccer come to DCL 360 state-of-the-art facilities for expert training, privacy and an environment in which they are accustomed.

Athletes making the transition from college to the pros utilize DCL 360 facilities and knowledge to gain an edge entering their first training camp or spring training, in hopes of making an immediate impact for the team. All training can be done either at our state of the art training center or at the school, gym, or facility of your choosing.


• Bootcamp

• Group-exercise

• Core

• Outdoor fitness

• Strength and Conditioning

• Weight lifting class (Proper lifting technique)

• Military

• State Trooper K9

• Weight loss

• Nutrition 

Enroll today with one friend or family member you will save 25% on your membership.

Trooper K9

Strength Training:

30 Minutes $30

60 Minutes $50

Small Group (2 People) Session:

10 Sessions at 30 Minutes $250

US Military

If your school or athletic department is paying for

the training program.

Typical Workout for a Strength & Conditioning 

• Warm-up (jump rope drills, speed ladder drills, footwork drills) Active flexibility drills

• Abdominal and mid-section conditioning

• Lifting sessions, lifting program based on age, and ability level

• Plyometrics, jumping drills

• Agility drills, speed improvement and conditioning drills

• Passive Flexibility/Cool down

• Workout session ends Abdominal and mid-section conditioning

• Power Development Drills: Plyometrics, Med Ball Throws, Accelerations

• Running Mechanics Drills: Arm Drive/ Posture Station, Wall Drills/ Knee Drive, Starts• Agility drills, speed drills, and speed conditioning drills• Cool down

Lifting sessions focus on basic technique, safety, and instruction

and execution of each lift.

• Lifting Session 1 - Powerclean basics

• Lifting Session 2 - Squat basics

• Lifting Session 3 - Bench Press basics

• Lifting Session 4 - Video Analysis and Safety Presentation Sessions focus on advanced applications, progressions, and modified exercises for each lift to improve power and performance.

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