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Programs for HIGH SCHOOL

and COLLEGIATE Athletes

Program Information:

The 360 Strength & Conditioning Program at DCL Multisport Fitness is led by Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, David Lauria. David is the former Strength Coach with The New York State Police K9 Units and has also held that positions with U.S. Army, Special Olympics, Hartwick, College, Cabrini College, Villanova University and University of Pennsylvania.

All athletes must be in good standing with DCL Multisport Fitness and have a signed Assumption of risk waiver on file. If the athlete is younger than 18, a parent or guardian must sign off on the waiver as well. This is required to participate in the program.

Our Strength and Conditioning programs are designed with the athlete in mind. Athletes aged 13-up will be trained using similar concepts and exercises that are used by college level athletes. The program will be open to members and non-members and appropriate fees will be assigned to each individual program. The fee will be collected at the beginning of the program. 

All participants in the programs at DCL Multisport Fitness are expected to behave in a safe and considerate manner. Safety will be emphasized on a daily basis within the Strength & Conditioning program.

Collegiate athletes typically train at DCL 360 during the summer and winter breaks. DCL 360 serves as the official strength & conditioning programs for select universities.

DCL 360 Training 

• Strength and Conditioning Training at DCL Sports Training Center or your School

• Team Training at DCL Sports Training Center or your School

• Strength Training at DCL Sports Training Center

• On Line Training

DCL 360 Programs

• Bootcamp

• Group-exercise

• Core

• Outdoor fitness

• Strength and Conditioning

• Weight lifting class (Proper lifting technique)

• Military

• State Trooper K9

• Weight loss

• Nutrition 

Enroll today with one friend or family member you will save 25% on your membership.

Special Olympics Training

High School Athletes

Collegiate Athletes

Speed and Agility Workout

Agility and Foot Workout

If your school or athletic department is paying for the training program.  

Typical Workout for a Strength & Conditioning Class Listed below:

• Warm-up (jump rope drills, speed ladder drills, footwork drills) Active flexibility drills

• Abdominal and mid-section conditioning

• Lifting sessions, lifting program based on age, and ability level

• Plyometrics, jumping drills

• Agility drills, speed improvement and conditioning drills

• Passive Flexibility/Cool down

• Workout session ends Abdominal and mid-section conditioning• Power Development Drills: Plyometrics, Med Ball Throws, Accelerations

• Running Mechanics Drills: Arm Drive/ Posture Station, Wall Drills/ Knee Drive, Starts

• Agility drills, speed drills, and speed conditioning drills

• Cool down

Lifting sessions focus on basic technique, safety, and instruction and execution of each lift.

• Lifting Session 1 - Powerclean basics

• Lifting Session 2 - Squat basics

• Lifting Session 3 - Bench Press basics• Lifting Session 4 - Video Analysis and Safety Presentation Sessions focus on advanced applications, progressions, and modified exercises for each lift to improve power and performance.

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