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  DCL 360 P.E.Classes

             Premiere physical education, sports and strength 
                                   programs for children.

Between funding cuts in physical education programs and the sedentary lifestyle fueled by modern age technology, many parents and teachers  agree that children do not get enough exercise or physical activity. With P.E. 360 it's DCL's goal to promote and implement the importance of childhood health. Our certified trainers will create a program catered to develop healthy behaviors, active lifestyle, physical fitness and motor skills from preschool to elementary aged children.

Benefits of P.E. 360:
  • Builds strong bones, muscles and joints
  • Increase in flexibility and cardiovascular functions
  • Acquirement of sportsmanship and leadership skills
  • Exertion of pent up energy
  • Better focus and behavior at home and at school

Program Information:

Each P.E. 360 session will include a combination of the following:

  • Stretching
  • Plyometrics
  • Abdominal and core conditioning
  • Jumping and speed ladder drills
  • Agility drills
  • Flexibility training
  • Running laps
  • Light weights
  • Sports training

Each session will end with a half an hour game of some sort, whether that be kickball, softball, basketball, etc.


Individual Training  
(2-5 students):

• Cost Per Person: members 
  $30 for members per 
  session for an month program. 
• At DCL location training 
  center  or your school. 
• Sessions focus on 
  basic technique 
  and safety Small Group Training 
(6-or more students): 

• We also offer a school 
  price: $300.00 a month
• Cost Per Person: members 
  $30 for members 
  per session for an 
  month program. 
• At DCL location training 
  center or your school. 
• Sessions focus on 
  basic technique and safety


                     DCL Multisport Fitness Sports Training Center
                                            519 E Eva St. Ste C-D
                                               Phoenix, AZ 85020
                                            Phone: (215) 284-1391

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