DCL Multisport Fitness/Scott Bikes  - Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for a Division I College

DCL 360 Personal 
Training and Educstion

• Professional Development  
• Education
• Nutrition
• Sports Problems

Enroll for 65 Sessions at 60 or 30 minutes and save over $200

30 Minutes $35.00
60 Minutes $49.99

Program Information: 
Reach Your Goals 

• Personal Training at your Home 
• Personal Training at DCL Sports Training Center 
• Strength and Conditioning Training at your School 
• Team Training at DCL Sports Training Center 

• Strength Training at DCL Sports Training Center
• On Line Training Benefits 

• Free nutritional advice - Learn how to eat properly without using a diet 
• One to one fitness plates 
• Weight loss class 
• Nutrition plan
• Nutrition class 
• Wellness class

• Free informal consultation Fitness Classes 
• Bootcamp class 
• Group-exercise class 
• Core class 
• Outdoor fitness class 
• Strength and Conditioning class 
• Weight lift class (Proper lifting technique) 
• Military class 
• State Trooper K9 class 
• Aqua Classes

Travel or DCL Sports Training Center

Personal Training: 

30 Minutes $35.00 Non-members $40.00 
60 Minutes $49.99 Non-members $60.00 

Small Group (2 People) Session: 

5 Sessions at 30 Minutes $300 
10 Sessions at 60 Minutes $700

DCL 360 Healthy Workshop:

• Nutritional Training 
• Sports Nutritional 
• Tri Training (1st Time Triathletes) 
• Lifting Properly 
• Weight Management (Eating Properly)

Enroll today with one friend or family member 
you will save 25% on your membership.

Typical Workout for a Strength and Conditioning 
Listed below: 

• Warm-up (jump rope drills, speed ladder drills, footwork drills) Active 
    flexibility drills
• Abdominal and mid-section conditioning 
• Lifting sessions, lifting program based on age, and ability level 
• Plyometrics, jumping drills 
• Agility drills, speed improvement and conditioning drills 
• Passive Flexibility/Cool down 
• Workout session ends Abdominal and mid-section conditioning 
• Power Development Drills: Plyometrics, Med Ball 
  Throws,  Accelerations 
• Running Mechanics Drills: Arm Drive/ Posture Station, 
   Wall Drills/ Knee Drive, Starts 
• Agility drills, speed drills, and speed conditioning drills 
• Cool down

DCL Multisports Fitness Sports 
Training Center and Education
519 East Eva St SuiteC-D 
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 215 284 1391
e-mail davidclauria@gmail.come-mail david@dclmultisportfitness.com

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