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DCL Multisport Fitness 
Sports Training Center and Education 

New Sponsors:
Dear Company Owner: 

DCL Multisport Fitness has finally arrived.  We are hard at work developing a multisports team. We need and welcome your partnership! Our goal is to provide a different sports environment and experience for our community. We are here to promote exercise and a healthy lifestyle to the area. That comes with your help and commitment from everyone.  Originally started in Oneonta, NY as a group to help focus on empowering young mothers who were looking for a fitness environment that focused on their unique needs, it evolved into a comprehensive health and wellness lifestyle.  Our goal is to provide a healthy life style to our members while having fun do it. To make training more exciting, boost confidence, camaraderie, build friendships with other like-minded individuals and help individuals push through their own perceived limitations to success.  
Since then, DCL Multisport Fitness has grown into a Men’s and Women’s Professionals coaching business that creates a personalized environment for athletes to pursue their fitness goals. We focus on all levels of fitness, from the working mom, that wants to run a 5K, to the professional who wants to train for an Ironman to every goal in between.  We offer tailored online coaching to individuals, nutrition management, and fitness testing to name a few. Our Success stories include, 2 time Ironman Kona World Championship finisher Lindsey Knast, Ultrarunner David Metzler, and Andrea Nunez-Smith, Qualified for Team USA and ITU World Championships in Canada 2014 
The support and sponsorship revenue we receive from the local community is critical of our team and club. Your sponsorship and support will be a large part of our budget. The cost to develop one individual junior teammate is on an average of $250. This does not include equipment insurance. Conditioning and numerous other expenses associated with operating our program. We aim to keep our program the most cost efficient team in the area with quality and specialized training. But to do this we need your financial support.

What do you get for your sponsorship?

 1) Our marketing team would promote all your Log at all events on our team website   and Facebook page giving you free advertisement and a presence in the Multisport racing world.

 2) Your logo would appear on all team uniforms, team banners, web page,  
and Facebook page and local media.

 3) Your Logo would appear on our new DCL Multisport Team car. 

If you have any other question, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to 
contact our team!

DCL Multisports Fitness 
Sports Training Center 
and Education
519 East Eva St Suite C-D 
Phoenix, AZ 85020
Phone: 215 284 1391

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